IMPACT (20's-30's)

Are you in your 20s/30s? 

Because of the many decisions, questions, and opportunities that come up during your 20s and 30s, we have started a group that will focus on the issues that concern YOU. 

 So...whether you're single or married, whether you have a rock-solid career path or are still figuring it out, whether you are wondering what God has for your life or you're just where you know you should be...this group is for you.

Come join the discussion with other 20s/30s who are on the same journey you are.

Your leaders are:  Stefan and Kim Behling & Marc and Laurie Wannenmacher

For information about events and studies call 414-475-1234

Upcoming Events: 

Pool Party: Saturday, August 26th

Packers Party: Sunday, September 17th

Worship around the Fire: Friday, October 13th

Bowling: Sunday, November 5th

After Christmas Party: Friday, December 29th

* For information on these events contact

You're going to love this church!



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